I watch the Darkwood Brew broadcasts. I listen to the sermons. And I read my fellow bloggers posts. Most days, when I go to write my own Darkwood Brew blog post, all I can come up with is “What they said.” Because, quite frankly, Dr. Elnes, Rev. Alexander, fellow Darkwood Brew bloggers, and Darkwood Brew Skype guests so eloquently make the points that I was thinking. Or sometimes – fine, most of the time – they explain things to me I never even considered.

But also, it’s very rare that I’m challenged on these points. Maybe it’s because I’m so big and loud, or maybe it’s because I don’t hang out at protests. I’m lucky enough to be in a very safe, happy and loving environment for the majority of my every day. Of course I still get caddy at times, but it’s on very slight levels of humanity. Or is it?

Along the same lines, I’m kind of a foodie. I love recipe books like someone else might like a new novel. I love cooking and I’ve mentioned before I’m a clean eater. I must say, it was way easier to eat clean when I worked from home. Now I’m in an office – and candy is involved. Don’t even get me started with the Christmas snack fare…

A friend was asking me about what we’re eating this week and what I let my kids eat. As I explained, it dawned on me, that I’ve let my clean eating declarations slip a little bit.

Last night I was watching a new food & nutrition documentary – and I thought to myself, “I know all of this already.” But then again, that very day I noshed on probably 5 pieces of candy at a meeting.  Candy, for the record is not clean.

And there it was, all on Convergence with healthy eating and my faith, a parallel.

So, if we know all this already, and what we don’t know, we’re open to educating ourselves on, then that’s only half the fight. The other half is living it, it’s screwing up, and learning from it, and then getting back to it. It’s sharing with others and extending our new found wisdom into community.

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