As a bit of a transition between series, I wanted to offer this list of things the Universe has learned over its 13 billion years of existence according to Born with a Bang: The Universe Tells Our Cosmic Story by Jennifer Morgan and illustrated by Dana Lynne Anderson.

I learned…

  • that even giant things start out small
  • that I am a “universe,” which means “one song”
  • that I love to experiment
  • that when parts of me “die” the don’t really come to an end, they just change form
  • that I couldn’t be creative without also being destructive
  • that to build things I need building blocks
  • that I love variety
  • to turn dream into reality
  • that there are special times for doing things, or I would lose my chance
  • to be patient
  • that my life is uncertain—and therefore a great adventure
  • that I really love to morph into a variety of forms

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