What a wonderful week of blogging on Galatians!  Not everyone has agreed with one another as to the nature or significance of Paul’s letter – which is wonderful, as it helps us uncover the tension underlying the letter, and its promise.

Some of our bloggers are familiar to you from the last series – author Margaret McGrath, DWB Music Director, Chuck Marohnic, DWB Producer, Scott Griessel, DWB Host, Eric Elnes.  Others are new to us, and we’d like to welcome them with a little more introduction:



Robert V. Taylor – Speaker, author, blogger – and former Darkwood Brew Skype Guest!  Check out Robert’s Wake Up For Life blog in addition to his Monday Darkwood Brew posts.



Mike Hegeman – Galatians scholar with a Ph.D. from Princeton Theological Seminary.  Mike currently teaches at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ. Check out this video of Mike from Backwood Buzz from last Sunday!  He’ll be our featured Skype Guest this Sunday as well.



Michael Morrell – Honker-In-Chief (i.e., publicist) for the upcoming, Christianity-Meets-Burning-Man, Wild Goose Festival (June 23-26th – Darkwood Brew will be there!). Michael is a cataloger of all things “emerging/emergent” in Christianity.  Check out Mike’s Zoecarnate Blog when he’s not blogging for us on Fridays.  Little-known fact: Michael and Eric Elnes share 312 mutual friends on Facebook!



Phillip Gulley – Quaker minister, “front porch” theologian, and popular author.  Some of Phillip’s books include,If the Church Were Christian, If Grace Is True, and If God Is Love (Click here for the full list and descriptions).  Phillip will also be a Skype Guest on the 4/17/11 episode of Darkwood Brew!

In addition to our guest bloggers, here are a few of our upcoming Skype Guests (besides those bloggers who will be appearing):



Beverly Gaventa, New Testament Professor, Princeton Theological Seminary. Expert on women in the letters of Paul. Appears 3/20/11.



Susan Smith – Washington Post Blogger, author of Crazy Faith: Ordinary People; Extraordinary Lives, a winner of the 2009 National Best Books Award.  Appears 4/10/11.





Pastor of Revolution NYC.  Subject of Sundance Film documentary, One Punk Under God: The Prodigal Son of Jim and Tammy Faye. Appears 4/3/11.



Gareth Higgins – North Ireland peace worker veteran; Director, Wild Goose Festival (Hope you can join Gareth, Mike Morrell, and the Darkwood Brew team at Wild Goose, June 23-26!). Appears 3/27/11

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