This is a Psalm of disorientation and expresses the pain, the searaching, the questioning that is felt at times of deep loss.  An honest expression of our humanity and the desire to be reconnected with God.
This Pit Has No River

This pit has no river.  It’s parched and dry. It’s ragged and painful.  There are sores that peel off my skin when someone asks her name. How old she was.  Why her heart had to stop. Why there is a stone with her name on it.  
They don’t know how raw this is.   How black the night truly gets.
I cannot find your colors anywhere. Where is your poetry and song?  
There is a silence so loud within me that it vibrates.  It resonates with a voice I’ve never known before.  One that screams into an emptiness, and surely I have lost my mind.
This pit has no river.  There are no miraculous answers to my prayers Lord .  I cried out to you every night and when the tears refused to come any longer,   the thirst for relief began.
Let the days run by…there is no time where I am. No arms that lift me…though others try.
Can you see me God?  Surely the world I know has not disappeared, though the flowering of your trees is shadowed by this fall.   My eyes can see, but I am totally blind.  Reach for me.  My bones know how to pray.
Move me beyond this pain, for surely, there is a river from which my soul can be nourished.  

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