There was a time in my life when I spent at least an hour every day reading my Bible. Beyond this, once a week, on Saturday mornings, I would head to the coffee shop with friends for the entire morning, in order to meditate on God’s word, journal about life, pray, and memorize passages. These practices helped me a lot. Because of all the time I spent familiarizing myself with the Bible, when I went on a run, walked around campus, encountered a tough situation I was usually able to find words of comfort and hope.

To be honest, I don’t spend the same amount of time reading my Bible. I think, for a while, I was afraid of many passages that seemed to be lifeless, hopeless and comfortless. In addition, I ceased to believe that God’s word was restricted to the written documents we call the Bible. Now as I have learned to read the Bible through new lenses, I have begun to find solace in this ancient text again.

The Psalmist in 119 conveys over and over again (22 times, using each letter in the Hebrew¬†alphabet to make the point), that God’s word is the light that guides him/her, the treasure of his/her heart, the thing that consume his/her longs, etc.

As I think about my transition, I am inclined to ask myself: What are the words that will be my comfort? What are the words that I am longing for? What are the words that I will mediate upon?

There are certainly a lot of words to choose from: words of the mainstream media (Every morning, I watch Morning Joe and hear about the woes of the world), words of political leaders (Each day, I read articles and listen to pundits talk about the inability for political leaders to find common ground), words of social norms and pressures (words from DIY network telling me I need to spend more money and time on my house), words of institutions (by-laws and ordinances of the government or the church telling me how to act), organic words of the people (status updates and e-mails galore), etc.

Perhaps it is time for me, like the Psalmist, to spend more time looking at God’s word, again. If you are interested, I invite you to join me…

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