A few weeks ago, I blogged about some favorite quotes that I rotate and keep in my car. One of them was from a podcast, when asked what he thought a kick arce life was, the guy replied, “You don’t know what your limits are, so you don’t have them.”

And then all this universe stuff happened on Darkwood Brew. I have a hard time grasping science in general. I do remember some time in high school, after months of staring at the ground begging the Universe that the teacher not call on me, I remember something to do with a fairly light discussion about evolution vs. creationism and one of the voices in my head spoke up, apparently out of turn, “Well couldn’t God have created evolution?” Silence. And then a little bit of a lecture for making jokes. Yeah, it wasn’t the first time. It won’t be the last. And although I was serious, as history would have it, and my delivery went, well, I went more with the joke part than the curiosity part. The class moved on.

At adult Sunday school, I’m pretty sure I got “held back” from being confirmed for the very same question and a few other of my theories.

The point of the whole suggestion “Did God create evolution?” is we just don’t know. Can we scientifically prove that the big bang happened by the hands of God? No. But we can explore possibilities. And that’s what science has done for me in this series. It’s shown me the endless possibilities.

What this Darkwood Brew series has shown me is a bigger vastness of our universe. Like I said, science is hard for me to grasp. But if I’m willing to keep an open mind about my faith then I should be willing to keep an open mind about science. The science and faith of it all has shown me what a miracle life and stars and atoms are.

So, you can imagine my surprise and complete moment of awe, when I stumbled down the stairs the other morning, straight for the coffee pot, I looked over at our kitchen chalkboard. Typically the chalkboard is for our weekly menu. I also got tired of the kids saying they were hungry but had nothing to snack on, so I have a list of available items for snacks. For the record, we have granola bars and chips, I just don’t put them on the list. Wink, wink!

Quite frankly, I find my giant kitchen chalkboard to be my own little nugget of genius creativity. Art meets food meets words, if you will. On occasion, I allow the kids to draw a picture on it. On this morning, in the haze of my morning wake up, before the first sip of coffee, before my family awakes, before I meditate or change out the ever-constant laundry, I notice in a quick glance, some artwork Lucy had posted to our kitchen menu.

Looks like our kids already know what we’re constantly seeking. How many times have we tried to inspire a kid with the phrase “The sky’s the limit?” And this ten year old goes and rocks my world and ups the ante of inspiration, science, and makes my universe even that much larger, all in a little extra free-time at school. All with one tiny word.

And she didn’t even get in trouble in class for it.

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