I held my breath while Chris held my hand as the sonographer started searching for life in my belly. Three months prior to that moment, I lay alone with the ER sonographer and I watched his face drop when he could find no heartbeat. I’d lost the baby.

So, this time, with Chris by my side, I held my breath. The sonographer’s eyes widened, and just when my heart was about to stop beating, she smiled.

I looked over at Chris who was also wide-eyed and smiling. I’ve never been one for science, or biology. Could someone please fill me in at what we’re looking at?

The sonographer said, “You know what…”

And then Chris interrupted her with astonished glee, “IS THAT TWINS!?”

I watched in awe as the sonographer pointed to two healthy heartbeats. What once looked like a fuzzy art piece you have to stare at to see the picture was crystal clear beauty: Two healthy babies.

Later we decided that it’s God’s way of making up our earlier loss. My doctor would suggest that there’s no medical explanation and then wink. I have my own faith-filled scientific theories. But one thing is for sure, you can find science in faith. And you can find faith in science. Either way, there are miracles all around us.

To me, there’s an inexplicable connection between science and faith. When you look into just how hard it is to get pregnant. The window for opportunity is so pristine – you can look at temperature, and cycles, and time of day – all of that scientific stuff and then the baby comes and you’re like “Thank you GOD!” It’s science and faith and magic and miracles.

So, when it comes to faith and science – to me, there’s a never-ending thirst of knowledge in the truth of both. There’s a debate that you can’t have belief in science and God. But to me, you can’t separate the two. They are intertwined with purpose.

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