Lawyers love the law. To lawyers, all things are legal. The law makes all things black or white, wrong or right. It makes we into us and them, and creates others of brothers. Lawyers love God, because they believe He hates all the same people they do. When they pray, lawyers pray “God the Judge: come now and justify me.”

Professors love the truth. To professors, truth is a profession. Truth divides the heathen from the heavenly, the quickened from the dull. Truth makes knowledge a grail, the pursuit of it a quest best left to the qualified. When they pray, professors pray “God the Righteous: come now and prove me right.”

But the beloved, they love the Father. For them, it’s about relationship. Loved ones measure all law and all truth against the love their Father shows them. A loved child cannot help but love in turn, and will show to others the same way that saved him. To the pure of heart, all things are pure. When they pray, the beloved pray “Our Father, come now and make us like you.”

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