Next week, I’m donating my kidney to a friend.


Going through all of the kidney donor tests and conversation, all while participating in this Busy series, only reinforces that this,  indeed, is my sole soul purpose right now.  I feel very compelled to do this. I’m donating my kidney because it feels right. And quite frankly, as of late, it kinda feels like God is whispering: “Slow your ass down.” Which is weird because I don’t have a donkey.

As kidney donation goes, there’s lots of preparation involved. Other than the medical tests, I just went giant grocery shopping for a month. I’ve even started nesting – cleaning out cabinets and clothes shopping for the kids. Making sure everything is in order so that I can do nothing but recover in bed. So I can slow my ass down. Per God’s whisper, of course.

My recipient and I clearly have more in common than differences. I mean, we have blood, cross matches, and tissue match. But I’m guessing we cancelled out each others vote in the Presidential Election. She’s short, I’m tall. (She’s hoping my kidney might make her just a bit taller.) I tell everyone about me. She’s a bit more reserved. Through all that, we have moved from casual conversations to shock that this is really going to happen, to beautiful conversations about faith, family and happiness. Per God’s whisper, of course.

She is beyond humbled that someone would do this for her. At some point – way after I’d already been tested to be a match – it occurred to me what a hard position I’d put Jen in. How easy it is to give. But how hard it must be to receive.

In Dr. Eric Elne’s blessing, he always says, “(May God) dwell inside you to remind you that you are not alone…And that you are loved beyond your wildest imagination.” It’s taken me a while to really have that sink in. To know and feel that I am loved beyond what I could ever imagine. Once it sunk in, something crazy happened. I want it to sink in for others. I want them to know it feel it too.

There’s a lot in there that I want to leave for interpretation.  And so I say to you:

You’re worth it.

You’re worth a kidney.

You’re worth a hug.

You’re worth God’s love.

Both of our families are getting help and support to stop and rest for a moment. Friends and family are traveling to help both families out. Prayers are being said across the country (maybe the world). I’m overwhelmed with the gratitude for our community and family support. . We appreciate any prayers, positive energy, or cyber hugs you want to send our way.

*** There’s also a part in there somewhere, where he says, “(May God) Go behind you to push you into push you into places you may not necessarily go yourself.”

Get pushed.

Leslie is a blogger for Darkwood Brew. She’s had her own blog for 8 years –, chronicling the crazy moments of mommyhood. She also has a column in HerLiving, a local Omaha Magazine. When she’s not writing, she’s laughing and/or eating with her very tall family: husband, Chris, and twins, Max and Lucy.

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