This nine part series digs deep into a revolutionary exploration of some of Jesus’ most often quoted – and misunderstood – teachings. Lead by Rev. Eric Elnes, Ph.D. this is one of Darkwood Brew’s most popular video series. The [email protected] brings together scholars, theologians, activists, authors and even a scientist to approach the text in surprising new ways.

Featured Guests: Jeff Cook, Kimberly Knight, Robert V. Taylor, Jim Forest, Jared Littleton, Michael Dowd, Kit EvansAudrey de Coursey and Anne Howard

This series is available for streaming and downloading with a membership subscription and is also available on DVD for purchase in our store.

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The [email protected] E1- Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit

Series: The [email protected], Episode: 1, Featured Guest: Jeff Cook, Pneuma Divina Passages: Matthew 5:3, Sweet Darkness
Open Episode

The [email protected] E2 – Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

Series: The [email protected], Episode: 2, Featured Guest: Kimberly Knight, Pneuma Divina Passages: Matthew 5:4
Open Episode

The [email protected] E3 – Blessed Are The Meek

Series: The [email protected], Episode: 3, Featured Guest: Robert V. Taylor, Pneuma Divina Passages: Matthew 5:5
Open Episode

The [email protected] E4 – Blessed Are Those Who Hunger and Thirst For Righteousness

Series: The [email protected], Episode: 4, Featured Guest: Jim Forest, Pneuma Divina Passages: Matthew 5:6
Open Episode

The [email protected] E5 – Blessed Are The Merciful

Series: The [email protected], Episode: 5, Featured Guest: Jared Littleton, Pneuma Divina Passages: Matthew 5:7
Open Episode

The [email protected] E6 – Blessed Are The Pure In Heart

Series: The [email protected], Episode: 6, Featured Guest: Michael Dowd, Pneuma Divina Passages: Matthew 5:8 Matthew 12:43-45
Open Episode

The [email protected] E7 – Blessed Are The Peacemakers

Series: The [email protected], Episode: 7, Featured Guest: Kit Evans, Pneuma Divina Passages: Matthew 5:9
Open Episode

The [email protected] E8 – Blessed Are Those Who Are Persecuted

Series: The [email protected], Episode: 8, Featured Guest: Audrey deCoursey, Pneuma Divina Passages: Matthew 5:10 and 2 Corinthians 4: 6-11
Open Episode

The [email protected] E9 – Series Review

Series: The [email protected], Episode: 9, Featured Guest: Anne Howard, Pneuma Divina Passages: Matthew 5:11
Open Episode

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