I am back this week and next leading the band for Darkwood Brew. We’ll have some new charts for you. One of which is an original composition of mine entitled Blessed Be. Since we’ll be doing an entire series on the Beatitudes, I decided to use it throughout the series.

Each week the band faces the challenge of finding ways to play our music so that it serves the Word. This is an essential part of the music that we play for DWB. All four of us know the importance of this playing experience.   We heavily depend on improvisation and there’s a reason for that. A long time ago, my music mentor, Ira Sullivan said to me, “you must be present when you play”. It took years to understand what he meant,  but now it is clear. Being present means opening ourselves to God who is always present and improvisational jazz in a worship setting is, for us four, the highest calling. So, we invite you all to tune in this week to DWB and “be present” with us.

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