The topic of re-integration is one of those rabbit trail topics, taking off on long runs from the starting point in many interesting directions.  Perhaps that should come as no surprise since the point is in fact to connect what is created as a part to the whole.  What a remarkably exciting and scary concept to consider that what my talent and what I create does not belong to me but belongs to the whole!  It was with that thought in mind that our attention turned toward the metaphor that we are all parts of the body of Christ (as seen in the scripture used as our pneuma divina, 1 Corinthians 12:12-19) This led to the question, “what part of the body are you?”  I got thinking about being the inner ear.

More specifically (though I had to research it to know it) I think I may be the vestibular system. This small structure on the inside of our heads is not a body part too many of us could name off the top of our heads.  But its tininess should not be a reason to overlook its importance.  The vestibular system is the source of balance.  As long as you are alive you are never completely still.  Even if you hold your breath your heart is still beating pumping blood through your veins.  So there is always sway, a movement away from where gravity is at work.  Without a functioning vestibular system, sway would lead to dizziness and much falling over.  Balance doesn’t simply keep you from unwanted motion, but smooth movement would be impossible without the constant, instantaneous, simultaneous, minute adjustments for sway as your body moves through space.

So why do I aspire to be seen as the vestibular system?  Because the desire to restore balance is not only desirable when things are out of kilter, but is also the agent that motivates for change. Each step is a movement from balance to imbalance and a return to balance.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  The tiny vestibular system assures  that that constant change is a smooth motion instead of jerks.

In following the creative call of our creator God, change is not only inevitable but essential.  I like the idea of being an agent of change that helps to keep things smooth and avoids jerks.  What body part are you?


Rev. Ian Lynch is pastor of  First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ in Brimfield, MA He blogs about the intersection of spirituality and society at and the intersection of spirituality and ornithology at

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