There’s just got to be a green pasture buried in this laundry somewhere…


The day after my kids birthday, and on the eve of a ridiculous overcompensation of my own childhood birthday celebrations (or lack there of) – I realize that it’s Wednesday night, and I haven’t watched Darkwood Brew to blog on it. I’m running behind. Again.

Thursday morning starts with me waking up to workout, but realizing my computer with the workout video on it is dead. I take the hint, give up on the workout, plug my computer in, and start the coffee. My first sip spawns that ridiculous smile from any Folger’s commercial. My smile is validated though, the taste of the coffee takes me back to fond memories of Wild Goose Festival. Because it actually is the coffee we served there.

We load the dog in the car and take the kids to school, where we rock out to their birthday mix we just made for the party favors. Maybee (the super dog) and I drop the kids off and head back home so I can write this blog post, watch Darkwood Brew first. But it makes sense to grab the cds to burn for the party favors while I write. And then I should start laundry and let it run while I write too. So, I do. Laundry has an interesting hurry up and wait process. I mean, let’s be real, washing the clothes is easy and fast. It’s the folding and putting away that seems to be what no one wants to do. But if you don’t stop and fold, all the clothes will be wrinkled. And if you let them sit wadded up enough in the basket long enough, you’ll have to wash them again. You know you’ve done it.

I do a quick equation of the time it would take away from me writing, and the time it would take to fold small portions, or one gigantic mound a few days later. I creepily fantasize about greeting birthday party guests and having them all gather to help me fold the laundry. Eventually, opt to fold the clothes right out of the dryer and write in between folding sessions. I get the clothes folded, calculate how much time I have until the next load is ready to change out, I grab the cds and I head to my cave. It’s go time.

“That’s weird, Psalm 23 mentions nothing about Facebook or Candy Crush” actually pops into my head.  I start the episode of Darkwood Brew, and watch while I change out each cd for the birthday party favors. Dude, I totally got this. Then my laptop overheats, won’t make the cds and the episode keeps pausing on my computer. “He makes me lie down in green pastures” kinda starts ringing in my ears. I go rogue and move on to plan B: read the sermon and go from there.

But wait a second, Chris Alexander preached this week (I know because I just read it) on something that caught my attention – this series isn’t how to not be busy – it’s how to be actively achieve God’s purpose for us. And that’s when I realize a few things. Number one – rocking out with my kids and the dog in some bizarre way equates to  lying down in green pastures. When I’m with my kids, I reserve the right to just be with them. Particularly since they still want to be with me. I’m seizing that moment for as long as I can. It’s taken me a long time to figure out this “Just be present with your kids” phenomenon also known as logic.

For just a moment each day, God gives us a moment of still waters with my kids on the way to school. When I get home, my green pastures and still waters are those moments when I’m forced to just frikkin stop for a minute and fold the laundry. Or make dinner. Sure my hands are busy and I’m multitasking at any opportunity. But it’s  like quilting  – as I fold, or chop, or cook, or drive, I’m slowing down, thinking on the people I fold or cook for. I’m focusing on the people that make this whole chaos possible, my family. My friends. My God. I’m actively leading my purposed life: Mom, friend, wife, crazy blogger among a ridiculous amount of other titles and purposes God throws at me.

I planned this crazy life. God laughed at me and zapped me with twins. And so, it just fits, that I find the moments of peace in my life in the very midst of all the beautiful chaos – specifically the chaos I create for myself – I find a green pasture and still waters every now and then.  I know because there’s several lyrical references into just taking time with each other, stealing a moment together in community on the kids Birthday Mix that’s been playing the whole time I’ve been writing, folding, cooking today.

Cynthia Astle posted this week about the different versions of Psalm 23. Chris Alexander shared with me the Psalm 23 for Busy People, just in conversation, but I’m wondering if she thought I might need it. As it turns out, I do. Click here to read it.

I wonder if there is one for not-busy people? I wonder if there are not-busy people? Like maybe they have a Psalm 23 for perfectly sane and centered people. I just googled it. There’s nothing. Then I found this one for mom’s. Click here to read it.

And then I found one for writers too. Click here to read it.

I’m printing and framing each of them for the cave. Eventually, I’ll find one for the laundry room.

Leslie is a blogger for Darkwood Brew. She’s had her own blog for 8 years –, chronicling the crazy moments of mommyhood. She also has a column in HerLiving, a local Omaha Magazine. When she’s not writing, she’s laughing and/or eating with her very tall family: husband, Chris, and twins, Max and Lucy.




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