My husband Chris surprised me the other day when he stumbled on to The Secret on Netflix the other night. It’s not his normal genre of movies. But he watched it and he liked it. I’d read the book when it came out back when Oprah still had a show, I figured it would be a good refresher of positive vibes.

What I heard as I watched wasn’t so much the buy-in to the Law of Attraction as much as what one of the philosophers said, I’ll paraphrase:

It doesn’t matter if you believe in the Law of Attraction or not. It happens.

Later in the documentary, the philosophers and metaphysicians and all the interviews begin to bring the Universe into the picture. And I couldn’t help but reflect on the metacommunication and Law of Attraction and this particular sermon series.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in it or not. It’s happening.

My daughter’s pants are a bit too short. By the grace of the boot fashion, we’re able to bide the last couple of jeans wearing season. But then Lucy came home and announced that there were holes in her boots. She’d actually worn holes in the bottom of both boots.

Once I finished administering my Mother-of-the-Year award, we opted to go shopping for new boots. See, I’d deduced that if we could just find her some boots, I wouldn’t have to buy her 5 new pairs of jeans to wear for 2 months. Finding boots with no heels in the preparation of spring season is not easy. But we found a pair three stores and 47 try-ons later. I had to look twice not at the price, but the size.

My ten-year-old daughter is now poking her toe at the edge of a women’s size 10 shoe. What?

As if the holes in the boots wasn’t enough to send me over the edge of motherhood induced guilt, my daughter is now wearing very large for any woman shoes. Why is this such a surprise to me? I lived it. When I was a kid, I’d come home with high-waters on and my mom would forbid me to grow. Had her curse worked, I might call her a witch. But I’m happy to report that I grew in spite of the woman. The thing is, she just couldn’t believe it. And here I am, in the same boat. My kids are growing. My universe is expanding.

It doesn’t matter if I believe it or not. It’s happening.

Life and growth and the universe – it’s all happening.

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