Samir Selmanovic, Founder, and Director of Community Engagement at Faith House Manhattan, knows how to create synergy among the stakeholders of an organization and manage them for success. A dynamic community leader since his high school days in former Yugoslavia, Samir was born into complexity with a Muslim father, Christian mother, and an atheist school system, with capitalism to the West and communism to the East. Samir’s passion for problem solving propelled him through his B.Sc in Engineering, M.A. in Psychology, M.Div, and Ph.D. His ten years of community leadership as a progressive Christian pastor include a recognition by the organization Muslims Against Terrorism in the aftermath of 9/11 in New York City, co-founding a vibrant young adult congregation in Southern California, founding the non-profit Faith House Manhattan, and authoring of It’s Really All About God, a book about collaboration with the “religious other.”

Faith of Jesus E6 – In All Things

Series: The Faith of Jesus In a Pluralistic World, Episode: 6, Featured Guest: Samir Selmanovic, Pneuma Divina Passage: Colossians 1:13-20

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