What joy is Your Holy Mystery that fills these days. To be bathed in the sacredness of all things visible and invisible.

It was the exquisite risk you taught me. The wild abandonment that left me weak, to let go…and to let go.  To lean into all that I could have of you.

You were my piercing prayer. That led on to a path that was lush and green. A heart that walks the edge of a stream.

You taught me to trust the swallowing up within the Darkness and the flicker of the candle consuming all, until the fragrance and the sweetness spilled over onto my skin.

Oh, the splendor and the freedom. I fall, I run…I draw on the walls, colored chalk smeared on my hands.

And like a child living a carefree day…you showed me how and unfold before me. Flowers in vases and rock on the ground.
Wisdom shown as wonder.

What joy is Your Holy Mystery that fills these days- a   promise and a vow.  You taught me lessons by sun and moon.  Holding me fast to Your stories, Your will, a way for me to follow.

“Breathe,” you said, and with a final act of surrender, there burst within me thresholds that knew my name.

What rises from you, gives birth within me.  Delighted to be born, and I bow.


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