Not too much to say this week except that I recently finished writing Psalm 150. We’ll play it on Sunday at DWB.

The challenge was to write something that didn’t sound like everyone else’s version of praise and worship. No point in adding more of that. So, I decided to dig deep and try to come up with a version that comes out of the modern music/jazz tradition that utilizes choir, instrumental sections, modern language along with a surprise ending that sounds almost Celtic.

Here’s the lyrics to my version of Praise the Lord (Ps.150). You might want to compare them with the original.

Chorus (repeats)

Praise God
Praise the Lord
Sing Praise

Verse 1

See God, in the sanctuary
the mighty heavens
See in God, the act of power
surpassing greatness

Verse 2 (repeats)

Praise the Lord with the sound of trumpets and horns,
keys and guitars and
drums with resounding cymbals

Instrumental solos
Celtic like ending

Tune in this week and give it a listen. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

Chuck Marohnic
Director of Music for Darkwood Brew

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