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Though commonly understood as a place to be feared and avoided, the Dark Wood is the surest place to meet God. It is a place where you may feel uncertain, empty, lost, tempted, and alone. Yet these feelings—these gifts of the Dark Wood—can be your greatest assets on your journey because they invite you to probe, question, and discover. According to the ancients, you don’t need to be a saint or spiritual master to experience profound awakening. You don’t even have to be “above average”. All you really need to be is struggling. In this 9-part series (plus a bonus episode with Frank Schaeffer) Rev. Eric Elnes Ph.D, author of Gifts of the Dark Wood, acts as a guide as we explore such “gifts” as Uncertainty, Emptiness, Lostness, and Failure. This series is for anyone who feels awkward in their search for God, who seeks to find holiness amid their holy mess. While the series stands alone, it is a perfect accompaniment for book groups reading Gifts of the Dark Wood.

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Featured Guests: Frank SchaefferMelvin BrayDiana Butler BassParker PalmerWinnie VargheseJacob Slichter,Lillian DanielChuck Marohnic, and Brian McLaren

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