We can hardly talk about “our daily bread” without considering the millions of people struggling with hunger. Where is their daily bread? Given the abundant bounty of creation, it seems God has provided generously for our family’s needs. Yet many go without.

If we were seated together at the same table and our food inequities were obvious, how would we react? Let’s imagine sitting down to a plate so full there is scarcely room for all of the food. Just as we’re about to begin enjoying this meal, we notice our brother’s plate is empty. We know he is as hungry as we are. He is close enough that we can hear his stomach rumbling! Surely we wouldn’t carry on eating our own meal, knowing that our brother sits beside us with nothing.

Many of us are more than willing to get by with a little less so that our brother might have a little more. Not because we feel guilty or obligated, but because we love our brother, and we feel his pain as if it is our own. When we appeal to God for “this day, our daily bread,” we do so as one family, seeking sustenance not just for ourselves, but for all of our brothers and sisters. We take notice when our brother’s plate is empty and we offer from our own plate as needed, so that we all leave the table feeling nourished.


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