Reflection on Psalm 104

It is the morning light that turns my face towards yours, oh beautiful Creator God. The birds, their wings unfolding from nightly dreams, clouds centering, shades of light blue and water colored skies line the edge of my window and within this moment creation births and blessings flow into every hour of the day.
It is the silken dew on rose petals that roots me in this prayer.  The earth and clay that mixes between my nails that grounds your creation to flesh and bone.
You awaken my senses at every turn.  Brush another season by me with colors and textures that spill forth in the holiness of your presence, in the wonders that I see.
Oh beautiful Creator God, it is your creation that pulls me to the deck at noon to watch the light begin to shade the reddish leaves of the Japanese maple near the pond.  The yellow daylilies move restlessly in the touch of your breath.  I could shout praises of alleluias- but whispers will do.

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