FullSizeRender-10Every now and then, I walk into a friend’s home, and see a sign that says, “As for me and my home, we will serve the Lord.” I realize it’s a Bible verse, but up on the wall like that, it seems to be a threat or uppity justification. Just never sits right with me. I mean, maybe my priorities aren’t in line. Because my home has signs that say things like, “Chocolate, it’s not just for breakfast anymore.”

I’m going to let you in on a little secret – sometimes I read these excerpts of God giving loving and direct instructions, and I think really, it’s like being a mom. Hopefully you must know that I absolutely don’t think I’m God in any way shape or form. But I find myself in church more often than not, nodding my head at God begging us humans that if we just do the work… I read the majority of the Bible in a mom voice. Is that bad?

There’s a similarity there every time I read God’s little instruction handbook. God tells us what to do and how to do it. Because God knows all and God knows the outcome of any situation. Just like in this series, God tells us the commandments and says, “Look if you don’t do this, it’s not gonna be pretty. You’ll suffer. I got this, work hard to make the right choices to make a better life for you and your offspring.” Which is pretty much where I’m going each week when I explain the natural consequences of keeping rooms clean, and leaving dirty socks all over the floor.

This week, God gives Joshua a review of all God has done and all the promises kept.

I picked up my daughter Lucy the other day and I asked her, “What did you do today?” Her answer is always the same, “Not much.” So, I fill the void of her lame answer with what I did all day. I wanted her to know all that I’ve contributed behind the scenes. I want her to know that the rest of the world doesn’t stop, but in fact, works really hard to contribute to each day.

It usually goes something like this, “Really? Because after I dropped you off at school, I went to the gym to swim. I ran into Cindy and sat and visited with her a while. She seemed a bit lonely. So, we had coffee and talked. Then I swam a mile. Then I showered and chatted with Charlene about her twin daughters teething at the same time. I told her all of my tricks that I could remember, but mostly just listened and sympathized. Then I drove home, had breakfast and coffee with Dad. After that I graded a ton of assignments, and sent emails to students. Then lunch with Dad and we walked the dog. Then I started the laundry, your volleyball jersey is clean and you can return it now that the season is over. After that, I posted a blog for Darkwood Brew, then I got a chicken to thaw out for dinner tomorrow night. Tomorrow I’m going to mow the lawn since I’m all caught up on blogs and my classes. You sure you didn’t do much today?”

Lucy’s not impressed. But the next day, when we pull into the driveway, she tells me the yard I mowed looks nice. I resolve to reciprocate and be thankful to God for all the stuff God does that I’m not aware of.

Finding a way out of no way is where hope lies. Always.

Leslie is a blogger for Darkwood Brew. She’s had her own blog for 9 years – www.momontherocks.com, chronicling the crazy moments of mommyhood. When she’s not writing, she’s laughing and/or eating with her very tall family: husband, Chris, and twins, Max and Lucy.  ***Disclaimer: Leslie is no theologian, minister, or avid Bible reader, but rather blogs on how Darkwood Brew episodes apply to a regular gal and what she’s learning along the way as a mom, a wife and a extreme lay person.

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