Rev. Michael Piazza is a spiritual visionary, author and social justice advocate who comes to Virginia-Highland Church after 23 years with the Cathedral of Hope in Dallas, Texas. Under his courageous leadership as senior pastor and later dean, the Cathedral of Hope made religious history by reclaiming Christianity as a faith of extravagant grace, radical inclusion and relentless compassion while becoming the world’s largest liberal Christian church with a predominantly lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender outreach. Rev. Piazza also is the co-executive director of the Center for Progressive Renewal, which is renewing Progressive Christianity by training new assertive leaders, supporting the birth of new liberal/progressive congregations, and by renewing and strengthening existing progressive churches. In addition, he serves as President of Hope for Peace & Justice, a non-profit ministry whose mission is equipping progressive people of faith to be champions for peace and justice.


Hope E5 – Justice

Hope: A Pessimist’s Guide, Episode: 5, Featured Guest: Michael Piazza, Pneuma Divina Passage: Amos 5: 21-27

Praying for Revolution E2

Series: Praying for Revolution, Episode: 2, Featured Guest: Michael Piazza, Pneuma Divina Passage: Reading

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