It’s been a great journey reflecting on the Beatitudes. I feel blessed to have been in the company of such thoughtful and reflective bloggers!

As I look back on these important words of wisdom passed on to us, I am reminded of some wisdom I heard in a recent sermon on the Beatitudes. We have a tendency to look at the Beatitudes and think about where we fit into particular categories… the poor in spirit, the meek, etc. What a friend of mine suggested is that this section of Scripture might be less about us as people and more about who God is. She was suggesting that it’s not about trying to find ways that we fit into a particular category so that we might be blessed. Instead, it is an invitation into the presence of a radically counter-cultural God – a God who blesses those who are mourning and who gives the Kingdom to those who are persecuted.

The Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes in particular point to a God who defies convention and points toward an upside down kingdom, where nothing is as it seems. As I think back on each of these beatitudes, each of these blessings… I am reminded of why I continue to find Jesus so incredibly compelling. This radical, unexpected love shows up in the most unexpected places, creating beautiful opportunities for transformation for us – if we are willing to go there.

Thanks for the journey and I am excited to see where Darkwood Brew continues in the future. Many Blessings!

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