Christmas.  “Its the most wonderful time of the year.”

Or is it?

If you’re finding it a bit difficult this year to smile and say “Merry Christmas,” you’re not alone.  Join us this Christmas Eve for a special “blue Christmas” edition of Darkwood Brew, called Darkwood Blue.  Our Christmas Eve gathering is not meant to be depressing, but it will acknowledge that sometimes you have to pass through the darkness in order to find the light.

Joining us will be guest vocalist, Susie Thorne, who will be singing throaty blues, including bluesy carols.  Our format for the evening won’t be our typical Pneuma Divina.  Rather, it’s inspired by the best Blue Christmases from around the United States that have been shared over the internet.  So just as you may connect with us over the World Wide Web, what you experience this evening will be formed, and informed, by this same Web.  Only it won’t be just technology and electronics will knit us together.  We’ll be connecting mind and heart through a web of Spirit, – a Spirit brought to us through the grace and compassion of The Unexpected Love.

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