For someone like me knowing (and knowing is more than just an intellectual assent) that God’s love wins in the end provides the only reason to do the stuff God invites me to do in the world.

I mean, if it were up to me I would spend all my time driving around in fast cars, hanging out with friends examining the trivia of life, and constantly be in search of the next good time. I wouldn’t help friends who are threatened by natural disasters, much less strangers…I wouldn’t care that children in this world go hungry…I wouldn’t be bothered that people who make money want to see people who don’t put into jails and slavery…but God’s love wins…

And that changes everything. For one, it means that I don’t have to fear the future as much, and for me that means I can spend time taking care of this planet. (I believe one of the reason we abuse the planet is because we fear the future, and so we want to get all we can out of this planet while we can). I joined a conservation organization (the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation) when I realized God loves this planet too…

Because God’s love wins out in the end I don’t have to fear strangers, and I can trust my friends…because even should a stranger or a friend abuse that trust, God’s love still makes the betrayal into something of value. So I can make some sandbags for folks I don’t know…I can donate money to places of need…I can offer my home to those who need a bed…and should my body, should my money, should my home be taken advantage of–well, there is always God’s love to carry me onto the next day.

It is true that I drive a fast car (a really fast one these days)…it is also true that I hang out with friends and examine the trivia of life…and my beautiful wife and I are always in search of a good time…but they are encompassed in the eternal reach of God’s outstretched arms of love though Jesus the Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit…because to say God’s love wins is to say God wins…the one in whom we live not only for ourselves but for each other.

May your tables be full and your conversations be true.

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