We have become conditioned to expect instant gratification. All the TV commercials and newspaper ads tell us that we can have anything we want. We deserve it. Just go out and buy it. Huh? Whatever happened to saving for something? We no longer wait for anything.

We have lost the virtue of patience. Achieving success relies on being patient, waiting for the right moment to make the necessary move. We see it in sports, taking the shot at the right time. In business, we wait for the right time to invest. In fact, there is always the right time and wrong time to move in any facet of life.

Waiting involves listening, watching and being sensitive to the circumstances around us. We need to recondition ourselves to be able to perceive the next important moment that is just around the corner.

Take 20 minutes every morning before you do anything and clear your mind. Put yourself in the presence of God and just listen and wait and be ready, ready for anything.

Chuck Marohnic
Director of Music for Darkwood Brew

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