This week we focus on the body and how hope factors. Use of the body in spiritual context is not a new concept. Yogis have been integrating meditation and physical movement for centuries. The Chinese use Chi meditation as a way of integrating mind, body and spirit. The “chi” is the energy force that centers mind, body and spirit and creates harmony.

Dancers and athletes know that optimum performance requires concentration on balance that creates harmony with their surroundings. I am a golfer and take the game seriously. Through the years of practice I have upon occasion experienced that wonderful feeling of hitting a golf ball effortlessly in an almost Zen like state of mind. The great Ben Hogan used to say that he would only hit one good shot per round.

We played golf yesterday and I had such a moment where my body, mind and spirit seemed perfectly at ease. We were at a 305 yd par 4 hole. I pulled out the Driver and hit the ball. Strangely, I didn’t even feel it or see where the ball went. I asked my playing partner and he said, “it went long and straight”. We drove to where the ball had landed. I couldn’t find mine. We looked all around and suddenly I looked up at the green and there was my ball. I had hit my tee shot 285 yds!

Yes, there is hope for us older guys.

Chuck Marohnic – Director of Music for Darkwood Brew


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