Last week on Darkwood Brew we had bit of a preview of the coming series, Hope: A Pessimist’s Guide.  From all the feedback we’ve been receiving, our viewers and Brewers loved the reflective conversation with Chris, Josh and Eric, the amazing music of Chuck Marohnic and the Brews Brothers along with vocalist Carol Rogers and interviews with Kit Evans and Scott Russell Sanders.  We’re using Scott’s book, Hunting for Hope, as a jumping off point for the series.  If you didn’t tune in or download the show last week, you missed a lot.  Take heart.  Previous episodes are always available at

We’ve been busy this week getting ready for the new series.  If you haven’t had a chance to see the trailer, check it out…and, please, pass it along.

I’m also editing and uploading some of Eric’s extended interviews with Scott Russell Sanders.  They’ll be available after the show airs.  If you are like me, you’ll find yourself riveted by Scott’s gentle insights.  I just keep saying “Yes, yes yes…” because his thoughts really help to crystallize a way of thinking that is hopeful and constructive without being Pollyanna.

I invite you to join us.  We’ll be exploring hope in a way I haven’t seen done before.

As we begin to look towards our second year of Darkwood Brew, I’d like you to think about inviting a friend or family member to watch the show.  If you value the experience and find it meaningful, perhaps someone in your Google+ or Facebook circles (or even someone you know offline – imagine that) would feel the same way.  That’s about as evangelistic as I’ll ever get.

Last night around a nice fire, Eric and I tossed around an idea.  What if just one in 10,000 people in our country might find Darkwood Brew to be a meaningful experience?  I checked the U.S. population clock this morning.  312,278,803.  If just one in 10,000 people would find Darkwood Brew to be an important part of their lives – if they knew it existed – that’s  31,277 people.  Plus one person who likes it 88/100 of the time.  We’re not even counting people in other countries.

I’m not asking you to tell 33,277.88 people about Darkwood Brew. I believe the real number is a lot bigger than that, anyway.  However, I would like you to tell one. Give them a call or send an email or, maybe, speak to them in person.  Perhaps you could invite them over to watch together or meet in a coffee house and watch on your laptops.  Whatever floats your boat.  We have Brewers who have already done those things – and the circle got a little wider in the process.  Maybe you were one of those invitees and now it’s your turn.  If you’re in Omaha, consider coming in for the show.  I’m constantly amazed at the quality of the experience and, of course, the music is beyond compare.  However you come, and whoever you bring, we’re looking forward to seeing you – virtually or otherwise..

Have a great week and see you Sunday at Darkwood Brew.

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