Hope is always found in spirit. They are forever linked. Hope is the essence of the energy  force that drives the spirit. To be “in the spirit” one needs to feel hopeful. To win in sports, we must have the will and hope to succeed. To be successful in business we need take a positive attitude grounded in hope and use it to motivate and move us toward achieving our goals. But the spirit created by humans doesn’t always end with positive results.

When we first begin to realize the Holy Spirit at work in our lives, we begin to feel the energy of hope. Strangely, we come to understand that we cannot create this energy. We can’t push a button and turn it on. It comes to us in the form of a gift. Paradoxically, the more we try to access it, the less it comes. It is only in complete surrender that we find ourselves being led by the Spirit. The more we surrender to Spirit, the more hope we realize.

Chuck Marohnic
Director of Music for Darkwood Brew

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