The Hegg Brothers hail from Sioux Falls, SD. Sons of two music educators they have spent the majority of their lives working with music. Jeremy, the older, is the musical director behind their efforts. As well as arranging and writing for his own groups he has also arranged and composed for larger ensembles like marching bands, concert bands, and orchestras. For the tenth anniversary of September 11 he was commissioned by the Omaha Symphony Orchestra to compose a piece to commemorate the occasion which was performed outside at Midtown Crossing.

Jon, the younger, is the musical sidekick of sorts, relishing in the low-spotlight yet important aspects of the music making them an ideal match. He also works more on the back end of projects doing things like engineering the mixes for the albums they have made over the years. This fall he is auditioning for a conductor/musical director position with the Sioux Empire Brass, which would be a fun job as Jeremy is the staff arranger/composer. The website for their musical endeavors is

The two mainly perform just as a duo but have a wide network of cohorts that can expand that group up to ten or more. This is how they met the talented Matt Wallace. The main example of the large band is an annual December tour called Holiday Jam with the Hegg Brothers. More information on that can be found at

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