Gregg Brekke owns and operates SixView Studios, a communications company dedicated to the art of visual storytelling and interpretation.Brekke’s portfolio is broad and includes significant attention given to global health and economics, justice issues, immigration, and religious topics. Recent work has been published by the World YWCA, Sojourners Magazine, Religion News Service, US Catholic, Presbyterian News Service and is found in syndication at major news outlets including the Washington Post. Video projects have focused on commercial production, PSA feature films, curriculum development, awareness campaigns and non-profit mission promotion. An ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, Brekke previously served as news director for the United Church of Christ and editor of United Church News and StillSpeaking Magazine.



If Love Wins, What Now? E4

Series: If Love Wins, What Now? Episode: 4, Featured Guest: Gregg Brekke, Pneuma Divina Passage: Acts 2:38-47 and Acts 2:39

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