It has been said that Our Father is the perfect prayer. The phrase that stands out for me is, “Thy Will be done”. It is really the only prayer that makes sense. It’s not mywill, it’s Thy Will. When we accept this, all anxiety falls away.

Scott Griessel recently postedthat he had a problem asking for “stuff”. I agree, but “give us this day our daily bread” doesn’t necessarily mean material stuff. It more accurately points to spiritual needs. We really only need a daily ration of grace to deal with the problems of life. That daily ration gives us exactly what we need, no less or more, and it works perfectly with “Thy Will be done”. This would indicate a perfect order of things that originates in God. All we are asked to do, is to open ourselves to accepting God’s Will, even when we don’t understand it.

I am reminded of an inscription chiseled in stone above the entrance to the Abbey of Gethsemani, the Trappist monastery where Thomas Merton was a monk that reads, “God Alone”. That’s enough for me.

Chuck Marohnic
Director of Music for Darkwood Brew

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