As improvising jazz musicians we rely on faith in our creativity to enable us to respond correctly to the direction that music points us. Of course, when God consciousness is factored in,  then the possbilities are endless. Scientists who study quantum mechanics, the science of possibility, also understand this.  Left cannot exist without Right.  The two together constitute completeness.  Much of our creative energy is lost in trying to understand things from one perspective.  The ability to see multiple perspectives or possibilities is key to growth.

Faith enables us to surrender to the flow of  God centered creativity. Without faith, it becomes like swimming upstream against the natural flow. I think Paul is talking to the Galatians in a similar way.  Maybe he fears they are trying to take the grace of God through Christ and reconfigure it so that it fits into their concept of the Law. It won’t work. One can never capture grace or creativity and put it into a jar.  Human consciousness is only a partial fractal of God consciousness.

Chuck Marohnic – Director of Music for Darkwood Brew

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