Darkwood Brew will always meet you wherever you are. Try us now and receive 3 months off an Explorer Group Annual Membership with code FRIENDOFTHESHOW3.

Every week for four years, we have brought spiritual thinkers and leaders like you to small groups in living rooms and churches around the world. We have the largest online library of progressive Christian video resources, and it’s growing by the week!

As a Darkwood Brew Group subscriber, everyone in your congregation gets unlimited access to dozens of downloadable series (more than 360 videos, featuring more than 120 guests) and exceptional guided resources for small group discussion, in addition to our live-streaming weekly program, starting at just $40 a month!

We offer subscription levels for individuals and groups. Watch an episode and explore the benefits of membership at DarkwoodBrew.org/Membership. We’d also like to offer you the opportunity to use and share this additional discount code with fellow.

To show our gratitude, Darkwood Brew will donate $50 for every yearly group subscription sold to The Convergence Network – a growing community of evangelicals, mainliners, Catholics and others who believe exciting new common ground exists beyond the traditional “liberal” and “conservative” labels. Together, we are working to create a multi-denominational forum for fellowship, support, resources and opportunities to improve our world. Those helping to establish this network include Brian McLaren, Cameron Trimble, Yvette Flunder, Doug Pagitt, Carol Howard Merritt, Diana Butler-Bass, Stephanie Spellers, Philip Clayton and our own Eric Elnes.

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