A Reflection on Psalm 104

My daughter and I recently returned from a ten day road trip to the Wild Goose Festival in Shakori Hills, North Carolina. Twenty hours through seven states.  The curving landscapes with shades of color hitting morning, noon and evening light throughout the day, expanding our peripheral vision and awakening us to the ever present beauty of creation. As the van  slowed for turns, twists and bends on the mountain roads  of West Virginia, I would say to Hannah, “We are going to the core of the earth!”  And with foliage thick into the hills, running along the edges and banks of rivers, rising to the tops of mountain ranges and seemingly reaching through to the clouds, there was an intimate connection between the visible and the invisible.  Creation had set boundaries before our very eyes and embraced us in the wisdom of those dreams.
We extended our travels after the Wild Goose Festival to go to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, to walk the shoreline of the ocean.   It was later in the day when we arrived and not many people on the beach. As my daughter and I stood shoulder to shoulder looking out towards the horizon, we were indeed a part of the wrestling between the land and the sea.  As the waves pulled around our ankles and the sand gave way beneath us and we sank slowly into the next layer of sand, a pull went off in the depths of my core space that resonated and sent waves of awe and wonder through my entire body –  that majestic and mysterious rhythm that draws us inward and opens up a spaciousness that awakens us in to those moments that connect us to the beauty of the earth and the call of the Divine.
Every time the waves went back out to sea, I knew that the Breath which connects all things into a Oneness, would come and roll back over our toes again.  That the rhythm of the earth still existed and the cycling of the seasons would not change.  That the artistry in which the world was created moved well beyond my understanding.   As small as we were compared to the power and the awakening jolt of the ocean, there was an undeniable Presence that reminded us of the order, and the giving way to… acknowledging a power far greater than we were – the faithfulness of our Creator God.

Beauty all around us,

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