“Blessed are those who mourn……

Mourn is a serious word. The dictionary defines it as an expression of sadness. But words don’t even come close to conveying the depth one feels when mourning. It is a feeling of intense emptiness that can be devastating. Have you ever heard the sound of a dog in mourning? It breaks your heart. People mourn when they lose a loved one, a wife, husband, child, a parent, a best friend, a pet. It is a time of incredible loneliness. I am reminded of Jesus’ last moments as he cries out to the Father, ” why have you forsaken me?” When people mourn, friends offer expressions of sympathy. Pastors offer to console. While these offerings are greatly appreciated, they give little consolation to those who mourn. And interestingly, people who mourn seem to need to be alone.

…….for they shall be comforted”

It is said that acceptance is one of the stages of grief. That is true but something miraculous often happens before acceptance. Often a peace comes over the mourner. It cannot be achieved through any efforts of our own making. You cannot think a happy thought and create peace of mind. This peace seems to come when one least expects it. It is a peace that is in direct proportion to the sadness and it too cannot be described. It is God’s peace.

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