In Paul’s letter to the Galatians, chapter 6, we read the famous statement, “we reap what we sow” and are told to be patient. Things will happen in the proper time.

Hard lesson to learn. We are always eager to have things now in our time, not realizing that it’s in God’s time that counts.

Years ago when I was teaching jazz at Arizona State University, I had an exceptionally talented sax student. One one occasion, I gave him some pretty advanced concepts on improvisation, thinking he was ready for them. He left the program, moved to New York and ten years later called me late at night to tell me that he was on a bandstand that night and he remembered what I taught him ten years previously. He said, “I was playing a solo, and all of a sudden, it clicked in and I GOT IT”.

I am sure there are many of you, especially parents, who may have similar experiences.

All in due time.

Chuck Marohnic
Director of Music for Darkwood Brew

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