Holding HandsWhen I consider the words, Your Kingdom Come, I envision a world transformed through love and grace. A world of fear, hate, and oppression that is born again through love, peace, and justice. It is the same powerful transformation that each of us experiences through Christ.

This transformation is not some radical future event that will happen at a discrete time and place. God is already wiping away every tear. The same divine love and grace that transforms each of us is at work transforming our world. There is evidence of that right here and now, but if we are standing around looking up at the sky, I’m afraid we will miss it.

We have only to look around to see God’s transforming love at work. We see it in tornado-impacted Brimfield, Massachusetts, and along the flooded banks of the Missouri River, where people are joining together to relieve one another’s suffering. We see this same “love in action” in a group of Heartland clergy who are boldly joining voices to declare through the Heartland Proclamation that homosexuality is not a sin. We see this love at Project Share in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where folks of different faiths join hands to feed hundreds of hungry people 6 days a week. This same love is present right here in the online community of Darkwood Brew where individuals from communities across the world are forming a virtual community that is diverse yet unified through  love, respect, and compassion for one another.

The old order is slowly giving way to a new order…right here, right now. It is happening as more and more people realize that God’s kingdom isn’t in the heavens, it’s in our hearts, and the New Jerusalem isn’t something to sit around and wait for. A New Jerusalem is already materializing, wherever God’s people come together, hand in hand, heart to heart, to transform the world through love.

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