Cage-Free Christianity
for the Resistance

Our small group resources are designed with an open mind in order to inspire enlightened conversation. 

“By This Way of Life”

Take your congregation on an amazing journey of discovery and enlightened conversation. This 12-series arc was thoughtfully constructed from the acclaimed Phoenix Affirmations.

Your Small Group Video Resource

Our guided episodes will spark conversation in your ministry setting.


Guided Episodes for Small Groups

Complete with insightful discussion questions

127 Guests

Including some of the best Christian thinkers of our day

Scriptural and Spiritual

Materials that are grounded in scripture but guided by spirit

Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere

Media is available for download/streaming, on DVD, and via podcast.


Full Darkwood Brew Episodes

Five seasons of great discussion, music, and fun.


28 Series

With topics ranging from forgiveness to the environment


Leader's Guides

A breakdown of each episode on a handy one-page pdf

Promotional Materials (Coming Soon)

Tools to help you ignite your small group ministry.

Check Out This Sample Episode

Busy: Restoring Connection to an Unhurried God

Episode 1

Featuring Marcia McFee

Our Amazing Guests

Brian McLaren
Phyllis Tickle
Bruce Reyes-Chow
Rachael Held Evans
Nadia Bolz-Webber
Parker Palmer
Kit Evans
Jay Bakker
James Forbes
Anni Zonneveld
Frank Schaeffer
Carol Howard Merritt

What People Are Saying

I love the intentional nature of the episodes. They feel so real and honest. 

Monica from New York

I have found that the weekly conversations have become integral to my walk. 

John from North Carolina

Start Brewing Up Something New in Your Church

The conversational nature of our episodes has proven to be an excellent model for small group dialogue, sparking provocative and heart-felt conversation in rooms both big and small.
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